Developers Wanted, Mental Health Solutions Sought

The Empire Partner Foundation has announced that it is hosting the Mental Health Hackathon for young African developers at the weekend.

Africa’s leading technology non-profit organisation is hosting the Mental Health Hackathon on 2 and 3 October 2021, in partnership with the WIB Group.

The two-day hackathon event allows young African developers to develop real-world skills. 

Participants gain direct experience by pitching solutions to real-world problems, networking, and earning monetary prizes.

The competition will take place through a hybrid model (physical and online) from 8:00 a.m- 4: 30p.m. 

The physical event will be in Illovo, Sandton, and face masks are required. 

As part of the competition, students must develop innovative solutions to help deal with mental health issues.

A high number of people across Africa are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group says since April last year, depression and anxiety reached record highs.

In South Africa, a survey conducted by pharmaceutical company Pharma Dynamics found there has been a significant increase in psychological and emotional stress among South Africans since the start of the pandemic.

For the Empire Partner Foundation, this is concerning hence the need to find tech solutions to help those afflicted get better.

Developers will then present their ideas in a pitch format to a team of judges for prizes.

The pitch presentations will be followed by a Q&A. 

Additionally, a team of advisers will attend a working lunch to provide students additional advice in their field of expertise. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

The Empire Partner Foundation on Thursday said it was looking for catalysts for social change in Africa, empowering youths through hackathons to solve immediate social-economic needs.

Developers may register as an individual or in teams at: