Release Of Digital Vibes Report Gets Thumbs Up

Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Health on Wednesday said it welcomes the release of the Special Investigative Unit’s (SIU) report into the investigation of the dodgy Digital Vibes tender.

Portfolio Committee on Health Chairperson Dr Kenneth Jacobs said: “We welcome the report and the committee is looking forward to its engagements with the Department of Health on the matter.

“The committee will, among other things, hear the department’s plan of action following the release of the report.”

Aunty Pat’s GOOD party said: “We welcome the publication of the SIU report into the Digital Vibes Communications Contract with the National Department of Health.

“It is essential for the stamping out of corruption that there is complete transparency.

“There should be no place to hide for those who concoct corrupt schemes which defraud the public purse and the publication of the report shines the light directly on those who need to be shamed.”

The GOOD party said the report was damning of the former minister, the former acting DG and of course those who were the ostensible owners of Digital Vibes.

“The SIU has recommended that those involved be prosecuted and we encourage the NPA to act swiftly so that South Africans can start to see the wheels of justice move against those who steal from us,” said the GOOD party.

AfriForum said it welcomes the publication of the SIU report on the Digital Vibes corruption scandal, “but condemned the fact that a PAIA application had to be brought before this could happen”.

Johan Kruger, Head of Community Development at AfriForum, said it was a pity that the report was published after such a long time.

“AfriForum has submitted an application for access to information to obtain the report,” said Kruger.

“However, the state deliberately dragged its feet before the report was finally sent to us by the Presidency today.

“It is unacceptable that these types of applications must first be launched before the public can access information to which they are actually entitled.”

Kruger said that the corruption exposed in the report was a clear confirmation that AfriForum’s tax protest campaign was needed more than ever.

“The waste of tax money by corrupt public servants has become part of life in South Africa, we simply can no longer accept this,” said Kruger.

“Tax protest action is therefore justified and AfriForum will intensify its campaign.”