Tanker In Multiple Car Crash, Man Burnt To Death

A highway collision on Tuesday morning involving a tanker and several other cars caused a mighty inferno along the N1, near Fourways, Johannesburg.

The burned body of a man was only discovered after firefighters doused the fire.

“With the assistance of firefighters, the blaze was contained and on further inspection, it was discovered that a motorist had suffered fatal burn injuries and was declared deceased,” said Emer-G-Med.

Emer-G-Med paramedics had responded to the scene of the multi-vehicle collision on the N1 national highway.

“On arrival on the scene, paramedics were met with absolute mayhem as a light motor vehicle was found engulfed in flames,” said Emer-G-Med.

“A petrol tanker lay on its side and the wreckage of several light motor vehicles lay strewn across the scene.

“An on scene triage area was established by scene commanders and more resources were dispatched.”

A middle-aged man was found to be in critical condition having sustained life-threatening burn injuries.

“Advanced life support intervention was needed to stabilise him before he was placed onto a mechanical ventilator to assist him with breathing and he was rushed to a nearby hospital for immediate definitive care,” said Emer-G-Med.

Three other people were treated for injuries ranging from minor to moderate and transported to a hospital.

The police are investigating.