Is South Africa Really The Most Unequal Country?

Twenty-seven years ago, when the first black President Nelson Mandela was elected, one of his primary goals was to achieve a country of equal treatment for everyone, reports DW News Africa

Even so, the majority of black people in South Africa cannot lead dignified life. 

Poverty and inequality have even grown immensely.

The aftermath of apartheid is still a topical issue, reflected in the huge wealth gap between white and black citizens in South Africa.

About 50% of the South African population lacks basic human needs such as clean water, a roof over their heads, health care and the unemployment rate in this country is 35%.

The lack of equal chances is already evident in the monthly wage, which in South Africa is around three times as high for whites as for blacks.

How did South Africa get here, and what has to happen to close the inequality gap? Why is it so difficult for the black community there to leave their poverty trap?

Click on the link below to watch a in-depth news report on South Africa today by DW News Africa narrated by Christine Mhundwa.