Rapist Beast Of Tembisa Locked Away Forever

The beast of Tembisa, who was charged with more than 100 serious crimes including rape, kidnapping, robbery, assault, and attempted murder, has been locked up forever.

Serial rapist Gift Mkhwanazi has been found guilty of the crimes.

Dubbed the beast of Tembisa, Mkhwanazi has been sentenced to 12 life sentences and more than 300 years in prison by the high court in Johannesburg.

Mkhwanazi committed the spate of rapes in and around Tembisa from 2013 to June 2019.

By the time Mkhwanazi was arrested police had registered more than 19 dockets of attacks on women with the same modus operandi.

Women were attacked on the streets at night or early hours of the morning.

They could not identify their attacker because he came at them from behind. He would threaten his victims with a gun or knife to force them to go into bushes or secluded areas.

Once there, he would rob them of their cash and cellphones and thereafter, rape them.

Mkhwanazi was arrested after his friend was found in possession of a complainant’s cellphone.

The friend led the police to Mkhwanazi who was further linked to the crimes through DNA extracted from complainants.

Although Mkhwanazi denied raping, kidnapping, or robbing any of the complainants turned witness, he could not explain why his DNA was found on 17 of them.

The accused claimed he did not know any of the complainants that testified in court.

State Advocate, Adele De Klerk submitted that there exists no evidence to substantiate any finding that any of the witnesses conspired to implicate the accused.

“There similarly exists no inherent improbabilities that militate against the acceptance of the state witnesses’ evidence,” she said.

Mkhwanazi was found guilty and sent to jail forever.