Fed Up ANC Fires Suspended Carl Niehaus

The African National Congress (ANC) on Thursday fired suspended member Carl Niehaus from his job in the party.

“We acknowledge receipt of your letter in response to a letter sent to you earlier today requesting reasons why the ANC should not summarily dismiss you as an employee and terminate your contract of employment,” said the ANC in its letter to Niehaus.

“We have noted your response, and it is unfortunate that instead of taking the opportunity to clarify the allegations, you elected to construe the letter as an attack upon you.” said the letter signed by the ANC general manager, FC Potgieter.

“You are reminded that the letter constituted a hearing as envisaged in the principles of natural justice – audi alteram partem. You are entitled to your views as expressed in your response.

“The ANC disagrees with your view and will challenge that contention in any appropriate forum.

“Your written representations have been considered against the backdrop that the ANC has repeatedly warned you about your public pronouncements and conduct which sought to undermine it as your employer.

“You nonetheless persisted with conduct that continuously brought your employer into disrepute.”

On 12 October 2020 and 19 January 2021 Niehaus was issued with written warnings for behaviour which “demonstrated his total disregard, refusal and neglect to comply with the terms” of his employment .

The ANC said Niehaus’ conduct was inconsistent with the code of conduct and level of discipline expected of staff.

Yesterday Niehaus distributed an “Urgent Media Alert” on social media in which he invited the media to witness him laying criminal charges of theft, fraud, corruption, and various statutory charges against ANC national office bearers.

The ANC said this was a “deliberate act of misconduct and malice intended to tarnish the image of your employer and bring your employer” into disrepute.

“It is worth noting that in your representations under consideration, you have not distanced yourself from the Media Alert you issued and which you were invited to do.”