SANCO Marches To Bots Embassy Over AfriForum

The South African National Civic Organization (SANCO) says it is marching to the Botswana embassy in Pretoria, Tshwane, on Friday to protest that country’s collaboration with AfriForum.

SANCO says its beef with Botswana relates to its collaboration with what is said was a “right-wing” AfriForum, which “undermines the integrity of South Africa” using fabricated and false allegations.

The civic body said AfriForum created the impression that it was a noble human rights organisation to dupe the international community.

SANCO said it was aggrieved by the Botswana government’s move to engage AfriForum to pursue the discredited story that ambassador Brigette Motsepe unlawfully siphoned a huge amount of money from that country.

The civic body said Botswana Judge Dr. Zein Kebonang concluded that the allegations against Motsepe were a fabrication and false.

Motsepe denies any involvement in wrongdoing as alleged by the Botswana government..

SANCO said the Botswana Central Bank denied any money was stolen and furthermore the South African Reserve Bank supported by all the commercial banks also refuted these “bizarre” allegations.

“The Botswana government through Afriforum is nonetheless adamant to continue with the case,” complained SANCO Gauteng Provincial Chairperson Chris Malematja in a statement released Thursday.

“We reject this collaboration between the Botswana government and Afri-forum.”

He also cited the allegations made against former Speaker of the National Assembly and now Defence Minister Thandi Modise over the death of pigs on her farm.

“If they could not find human rights violations as a truncated and supposedly noble course against a black person, they then had to find any dirt that sticks, including concocted pigs’ rights if need be,” said the statement.

“We believe that such a pattern of behaviour can be construed by some to mean that AfriForum defends the colonial and apartheid legacy of a racially divided society.”

SANCO said in South Africa there were countless other examples of AfriForum’s activities that could be argued to be a habitual attack on black hegemony and excellence.

“As we march on the Embassy of Botswana, we will be encouraged by the Botswana High Court verdict by Judge Dr. Zein Kebonang,” said SANCO.

AfriForum was appointed by Botswana’s government to support them in obtaining mutual legal assistance. 

“That is why the integrity of the institutions of both countries will be defended by the people as in solidarity we stand side by side against this neo-colonialist onslaught,” said SANCO.

“This Botswana High Court judgment will help expose and isolate all neo-colonial collaborators both in South Africa and Botswana as well as throughout the entire African continent.

“SANCO will further expound on these allegations through a comprehensive memorandum to be handed over to the Embassy of Botswana on Friday.”

Bridgette Motsepe is a businesswoman. She is the sister of South African billionaire businessman Patrice Motsepe and First Lady of South Africa Dr. Tshepo Motsepe.