Loose Mouth SSA Spooks Face 10 Years In Jail

Blabbermouth spooks face 10 years in jail if they are caught, the State Security Agency (SSA) has warned.

Members of the SSA have been leaking sensitive information about the internal workings of the agency to the media and other third parties.

Some of the leaked information reported in the media that irked the bosses suggested that there was favouritism in the selection of SSA members to serve overseas – something management rejected as false. 

The selection process is still in progress, insists the SSA.

Stung by recent leaks, acting SSA director general, Ambassador Gab Msimanga, on Saturday said the agency was trying to find the culprits.

He said those who are found out would be liable to 10 years’ imprisonment or a fine of R10 000 or both.

“Investigations are currently underway into members responsible for leaking sensitive and classified information,” said Msimanga.

“On completion of the investigations, those found to be behind the leaks will be appropriately sanctioned.”  

The stern warning comes after SSA senior management held an urgent meeting to tackle the leaks and other matters.

Distribution of classified information and unauthorised sharing of classified documents violates the provisions of legislation governing intelligence services.

“We have already identified potential culprits who are spreading wrong and damaging rumours about the credibility and competence of some of our members within the agency,” said Msimanga.

“We are following them up and within no time, we will act against them.”  

He also encouraged those members of the agency who were discharging their responsibilities with integrity to continue to serve the country with dignity and the requisite commitment.