GOOD Party Outs Unrest Instigators, Tells Cops

True to its name, Auntie Pat’s goody two shoes party says it is helping the cops to find out who was behind last month’s deadly unrest.

“… the state’s promise to act quickly against 12 identified instigators appears to have vanished into thin air,” said Patricia de Lille’s GOOD party in a statement on Thursday.

Auntie Pat’s party added it was doing, “what it can to keep the investigation into the storm of violence and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng in July on track.”  

The GOOD party said in early August it handed over information contained on three WhatsApp groups to the police.

The WhatsApp groups were evidently formed to instigate the anarchy in KwaZulu-Natal.

GOOD Party Secretary-General Brett Herron has deposed a second affidavit with the police relating to alleged instigators in Gauteng.

“He has also handed over the original electronic device containing the evidence forming the basis of his affidavits to the specialised police unit that investigates crimes against the state,” said the statement.

Herron’s initial tranche of information, leaked to him by whistle-blowers in the African National Congress (ANC), related to three predominantly KwaZulu-Natal focussed WhatsApp groups named “Ethekwini Shutdown”, “Ink Shutdown 10/07/2021” and “Free Zuma Information”. 

These groups were evidently formed in response to the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma.

“Assisted by researchers and members of the public Herron managed to identify 26 individuals who appeared to be participants in the violence and looting,” said the GOOD party.

Herron subsequently received further information relating to a Gauteng Whatsapp group named “Joburg Activists Home” that appears to have been set up prior to Zuma’s arrest.

Among the messages on this group is this voice-note: “Commanders and comrades, beloved South African citizens let us go to the streets let us go to the streets and make this country ungovernable, let’s just go to the streets. 

“They can’t manage us, trust me I know they can’t, they don’t have manpower they can’t manage us, there should be smoke all over.”

Another voice note said: “The Joburg revolution will start on Monday comrades, and our’s is going to send a very big statement and, but comrades you can start coordinating on the ground and be careful that those sellouts that are always looking to try and score some political points in their pursuit of the politics of the stomach they do sell you.

“But comrade the revolution here in Gauteng is going to begin on Monday, yes comrade we going to do exactly what is happening in KZN, but we’re going to do it at an escalated level comrade. 

“But what I encourage you to do comrade is to mobilize on the ground comrade I agree with you we cannot be seen as doing nothing here in Gauteng Amandla comrade!”

A different voice note said: “Exactly leadership, wayibeka kahle. We must attack as individuals, we don’t tell our friends or comrades.

“No one report to anyone. It will help us because no one can be listened or spied on.”

And yet another voice note said: “The best way to fight this corrupt pensioners is to attack alone in your own corner. 

“If it’s a farm, shop, a car or a structure burn it don’t tell us or your family. We can share the Diaries after victory. 

“Let’s also flood all ANC branches just to fight CR from the inside and outside.”

The GOOD party said the authors of these posts have been identified and their names handed to the police.

“We are very wary of being dragged into the mud of the ANC’s factional battles, but the good of the country outweighs other considerations,” said Herron.

“As we told the police, the events in July must be investigated without fear, favour or factional considerations. Those responsible for the destruction, theft and loss of life must bear the consequences. 

“The country can’t be held to ransom by the ruling party’s incessant internal squabbling.” 

Herron added: “Our objective is to contribute to fixing South Africa. That implies developing a police service and criminal justice system that is ultimately accountable to citizens, not politicians.”

More than 300 people lost their lives during the unrest an billions of rand were lost when shops were looted, haulage trucks torched, and infrastructure destroyed.

The week-long violent unrest resulted in the arrests of over 3 000 people for looting and public violence.

Several suspected unrest instigators have been arrested and released on bail.

The suspected instigators include former Ukhozi FM Radio DJ Ngizwe Mchunu, top advocate Ike Khumalo and Bruce Nimmerhoudt of the Patriotic Alliance.

The latest suspected instigator to be arrested is former #FeesMustFall activist Bonginkosi Khanyile.

The 31-year-old suspect is appearing in court, where he is applying for bail.