SA To Send Wanted Ex-Minister To Mozambique

Wanted former Mozambique finance minister, Manuel Chang, will be sent back to his country to face multiple charges that include embezzlement, the South Africa Justice and Correctional Services Department said on Monday.

Chang, who is in South Africa, faces charges of abuse of position and function, violation of budget laws, fraud by deception, embezzlement, corruption, money laundering, and criminal association.

The former Mozambique finance minister has been fighting his extradition to Mozambique from South Africa since 2019, but he has run out of wiggle room.

The Justice and Correctional Services department said in a statement that it “confirms that a decision has been taken to extradite the accused to Mozambique”.

“After considering representations and new facts, the accused in question is found to be extraditable in terms of section 10 (1) of the Extradition Act,” said the statement.

The department said the accused will be handed over to Mozambican authorities to stand trial.

“As the facts stand now, the accused is not immune from prosecution and has been duly indicted by the Mozambican government,” said the department.