Spelling Errors Remove Shine From Zim Cop Cars

Bad spellings have rained on the parade of Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa who splashed out on a fleet of brand new police cars.

Mnangagwa commissioned an assortment of late model cars to the Zimbabwe Republic Police on Friday.

The  82 vehicles commissioned at Morris Depot, Harare, include 46 single cab Ford Rangers, 24 Kia Picantos, 9 Kia Rios, 2 Renault kwds, and one Renault Logan.

Zimbabwe’s information secretary Nick Mangwana said the latest handover of cars to police brings the total to 458 in the last three years.

The handover ceremony graced by the police top brass was meant to be a perfect opportunity for Mnangagwa to gain some political mileage.

The only problem was the signage people contracted to brand the vehicles on display couldn’t spell.

The spelling gaffes are trending on social media.

Mabelreign a north-western suburb of Harare was wrongly spelt  “Marbelreign”.

More hilariously was the error on one of the pickup trucks donated to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)’s Forensic Science Laboratory.

Instead of “forensic”, the signage company wrote “forencic”.

While the spelling mistakes have left most Zimbabweans in stitches, critics view them as an embarrassment of Mnangagwa’s administration.