Fake Cops In Uniform Nabbed In North West

If you have recently been stopped on the road in the North West area by odd traffic cops – you were probably stopped by bogus traffic cops.

This week the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) arrested five people who were pretending to be traffic cops.

The fake cops wore complete traffic police uniforms save for the tenderfoot shoes and they were armed.

Real police officers on Wednesday arrested the five suspects in the North West area.

“The five suspects were found in possession of TMPD uniform and a firearm with erased serial number in the North West area,” said a statement issued by the Tshwane Metro Police Communication Unit.

“The suspects were impersonating TMPD officers.

“As the TMPD, we welcome the arrest and can confirm that the suspects are not TMPD officers and the vehicle used does not belong to TMPD.” 

Investigations are ongoing to determine how the suspects got hold of the TMPD uniform.

“We urge anyone who might have any information regarding this incident to contact the nearest SA Police Service or TMPD at 012 358 7095/6.”