Zambians Turn Out For Polls Amid Rigging Claims

Zambians have turned out in their numbers to cast their votes in a hotly contested presidential race between incumbent Edgar Lunga and opposition United Party for National Development leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

There were winding queues on Thursday as Zambians patiently waited to cast their ballots.

Soldiers had been on the streets days before the vote, but all seemed tranquil in most areas.

There were allegations of possible vote-rigging. Videos showing large crowds chasing a car that was said to have ballot papers made the rounds on social media.

However, The Bulrushes could not independently verify the authenticity of the videos.

Hachilema comes from the Southern part of Zambia, while Lunga is from the north.

Long after the polling closure time Zambians were still queuing.

“The law states that anyone who is in the queue to vote at 18.00hrs must be allowed to vote,” Twitted 59-year-old Hachilema. 

“We call on the @ECZ to keep polling stations open until everyone in the queue has had a chance to cast their ballot, as it is their democratic right.”

Lungu, 64, who is seeking a second term comically said he hopes to hand over power to himself.

The former justice minister leads the Patriotic Front.

Last time around Lungu scraped through with a narrow margin and indications are that a change of power is likely.