Olympic Flame Doused, Japan Left With $15bn Bill

Some Japanese – especially the authorities – are relieved that the Tokyo2020 Olympics have ended somewhat successfully, with the host nation having improved its medal haul.

The host nation had the third behind leaders United States and China.

Japan ended the Olympics with 27 gold, 14 silver, and 17 bronze medals – a record total of 58.

England’s medal haul of 22 gold, 21 silver and 22 bronze earned the Brits fourth place while South Africa came in at number 52 with three medals – one gold and two silver.

On Sunday, Japan doused the Olympic flame to mark the end of the games that have split the locals over Covid-19 fears.

Authorities and organisers had assured the games would not increase the spread of the virus in Japan.

The pandemic response and a slow-to-start vaccine roll-out sparked an outcry from concerned citizens.

Most Japanese were opposed to hosting the games during the pandemic.

About 430 cases of Covid-19 were linked to the games.

On Thursday, nationwide cases had spiked to more than 15 000.

But with the Olympics over, many are breathing a sigh of relief that their worst fears of a Covid-19 explosion have largely been allayed.

However, there is still the small matter of the $15 billion bill the Olympics left for the host nation to pay.

During the 16 days of games Japan has been in some sort of lock down and state of emergency in some parts, adding to the angst among locals.

Not surprisingly Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s popularity has taken a knock.