MEC Cwaile Suspended, Eyebrows Raised

North West Premier Prof. Tebogo Job Mokgoro’s decision to place MEC Mmoloki Cwaile on special leave without providing any reasons has raised eyebrows.

On Thursday Mokgoro announced that he was placing Cwaile on special leave but he did not give any reasons.

“During the period of MEC Cwaile’s special leave, MEC Desbo Mohono has temporarily been assigned with the functions and powers for the portfolio of cooperative governance, human settlements, and traditional affairs,” said Mokgoro in a terse statement.

Although the premier did not say why he was suspending Cwaile, there have been growing concerns over the poor state of municipalities in the province.

Mokgoro and Cwaile are both members of the African National Congress party.

Commenting on the move to suspend Cwaile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the province said: “The timing of this decision so soon after the irregular contract awarded to King and Associates as the Programme Management Unit to oversee construction projects came to light, certainly raises eyebrows”.  

The DA said it was demanding an explanation from the provincial legislature.

“Placing MEC Cwaile on special leave without supplying any reasons is nothing other than a political chess game that will further destabilise the department, with communities as the biggest losers,” warned the DA.