Midnight Centurion Car Crash Leaves Two Dead

Two men in their 40’s lost their lives Sunday night in Centurion, where they were involved in a multiple horror crash.

The collision occurred about half an hour before midnight. The fatal crash involved two cars and a motorbike.

The debris left strewn across the R55 was indicative of a high speed impact.

Emer-G-Med Paramedics, who attended the scene, said on arrival they were met with carnage.

“Wreckages of two light motor vehicles occupied the width of the roadway,” said a paramedic.

He said inside one of the wrecked cars they found the lifeless bodies of a driver and his passenger.

The two middle-aged males were declared dead by paramedics on the scene.

A motorbike was found lying on the shoulder of the roadway.

Another man of about 25 was found in a serious condition a few metres from the crash site. He was identified as the rider of the motorbike.

“Advanced life support intervention was needed to stabilise him before he was taken to a nearby hospital for further care,” said the paramedic.

The driver of the second light motor vehicle “sustained moderate injuries” and was treated and stabilised on the scene.

He was taken to a hospital by a private ambulance service.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash.