Behind A Successful Lotto Game Is A Woman

Every time a punter buys a lottery ticket in South Africa they are relying on ICT to make sure their bet is in the draw.

But what many do not know is that it is a women-led company that is handling the ICT solution.

When ITHUBA was awarded the Third National Lottery Operator license in 2015, Paytronix Systems became its ICT solutions provider.

Paytronix Systems is a leading black-owned and women-led ICT Solutions provider founded in 2002.

The primary focus for Paytronix Systems has been to provide platform support to enable ITHUBA to run the National Lottery.

The leading ICT Solutions provider played a crucial role in deploying the ICT infrastructure for ITHUBA Holdings.

Joy Diphokwana, the Chief Executive of Paytronix Systems, said the company implemented the ICT infrastructure for ITHUBA in a record time of five months.

“This is a remarkable achievement and affirmed Paytronix Systems as a global player using best practices and exceptional standards,” she explains.

“Paytronix was able to deliver the project despite the technical complexity.”

Within the first three years, Paytronix Systems managed the data operations of more than 1.636 billion transactions on ITHUBA’s behalf, with a transaction value of more than R19.5 billion.

Paytronix designed and continues to manage ITHUBA’s mobile E-commerce platform, enabling lottery players to enjoy the whole online player experience.

The company also designed and implemented two high-tier replicated data centres 350km apart, enabling full redundancy for the lottery system.

Paytronix Systems has also ensured a stable and secure central lottery platform.

The central lottery platform has retail network connectivity to more than 9 000 retailer terminals, 80 000 handheld terminals, and more than 180 000 virtual POS devices.

The lottery industry is highly regulated and technically complex.

“It needs to comply with stringent requirements by the National Lotteries Commission, World Lottery Association Standards, and the Department of Trade and Industry,” says Diphokwana.

“The successful operation of such an organisation has been entrusted to Paytronix.”