Remains Of Virus Victim King To Be Stored

Bahurutshe King Tebogo Charles Moiloa III, whose crowning was subject of a court dispute, has died of Covid-19 in Botswana.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Bahurutshe Royal Nation said the king passed away more than a week ago.

“The Bahurutshe crowned King Tebogo Charles Moiloa III succumbed to Covid-19 complications at Lobatse, Republic of Botswana, on the 17th July 2021,” said the statement.

The late king was crowned after the royal family had a protracted dispute with the North West government regarding his recognition.

Although the royal family secured a high court order in 2007 to crown the king, the matter remained contested until last month.

The royal family said it met with North West Premier Professor Jacob Mokgoro last month, on 4 June, and agreed to uphold the high court order.

Unfortunately, the king passed on a few weeks later. 

The royal family, which is encouraging people to vaccinate, said it has declared 30 days of mourning.

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the royal family said it will “save” the king’s remains in Lobatse “until such time that it will be safe to repatriate him” to South Africa his father’s land.

The royal family said it has appealed to the North West provincial government for help regarding the king’s burial.