Brave Boy Mauled by Hyena Goes Under Knife Again

Doctors in South Africa have performed another procedure on Rodwell Nkomazana, the 9-year-old boy from Zimbabwe who was mauled by a hyena.

Just two weeks ago brave Rodwell underwent a procedure to reconstruct his upper lip using a flap from his thigh.

Speaking exclusively to The Bulrushes on Saturday, Dr. Ridwan Mia said: “Rodwell was taken into theatre once again. He had an advancement of the thigh flap onto the right cheek. He also had a right lower lip scar revision”. 

Dr. Mia said the procedure on Wednesday was a skin graft done to Rodwell’s forehead. 

“Three magnetic implants were placed into the bone on the margins of the nose area to enable later placement of a prosthetic nose,” explained Dr. Mia, 

ENT surgeon Dr. Razvi Ahmed, maxillo facial surgeon Dr. Jameel Desai and plastic surgeon Dr. Mia undertook the surgery together. 

Rodwell was anaesthetised by Dr. Mukaddam and Dr. Variawa.

The brave young boy was attacked by a hyena as he lay asleep at an all-night church gathering in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Rodwell suffered multiple fractures to his face, lost an eye and nose in the attack. He also suffered severe tissue damage from his forehead down to his lip.

Rodwell was flown to South Africa to be treated by specialist doctors including Dr. Mia and his colleagues.

Dr. Mia is famous for the successful 2012 skin reconstruction of a three-year-old girl, Pippie Kruger, who had suffered third-degree burns to more than 80% of her body.

Initially, costs for the surgery had been estimated at R1,5 million, but that amount has been reduced substantially because the doctors have pledged their services for free.

Rodwell continues to recover in hospital.