SA Looting: Indians Clash With Blacks, 15 Dead

Black people passing through Phoenix in Durban have complained about being harassed and beaten up by Indian residents acting like Rambo on a mission to stop the looting.

In retaliation, cars were torched in the streets. Gunshots were fired and deadly battles ensued.

Phoenix Community Police Forum chair, Umeh Singh, said many people had been killed in the area during the unrest between Friday and Monday.

“We are still waiting for confirmation to ascertain whether these deaths are related to the protests,” said Singh. 

Police Minister Bheki Cele said 15 people were killed in the deadly racial battles.

On Thursday, police swooped on the area and arrested two prominent Phoenix residents Glen Naidoo and Gareth Naidoo.

A source close to the action told The Bulrushes that he didn’t know why the well-known men were picked up by the police.

“I am not sure why they were arrested, however, these men have been instrumental in assisting hundreds of people. I’m in Phoenix during this terrible time,” said the source. 

“Gareth was assaulted and has a possible fractured arm … These people have helped so many people and provided so much.”