Ethiopia’s Abiy Wins Landslide Election Victory

Ethiopia’s sitting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has won a landslide election victory in somewhat controversial circumstances.

Abiy’s Prosperity Party won 410 out of the 436 contested.

Citizens in some districts could not vote because of security concerns. And in the run-up to the polls, some opposition leaders were arrested – others boycotted the elections.

The 44-year-old prime minister, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, recently came under a barrage of criticism at home and away.

Abiy’s army faces accusations of rights abuses after it unleashed a wave of deadly violence to put down unrest in Tigray.

Ethiopia, which has a population of more than 112 million, has a history of ethnic tensions.

The victory assures Abiy a second five-year term in office.

Abiy hailed the June 21 vote as a historically inclusive election.