Dead Man Found 50 Metres From His Polo Wreck

Paramedics were left puzzled at the weekend after they found two injured passengers inside a car that had crashed along the M4 Inkosi Albert Luthuli Highway – the driver was missing.

However, after searching the area they found the driver’s body about 50 metres away.

Emer-G-Med paramedics were on the scene soon after the crash on Saturday night.

Paramedics said when they arrived just after 10pm they found “absolute carnage as the remains of a Volkswagen Polo lay strewn across the roadway, with the vehicle resting on its roof”.

Two injured occupants of the Polo were treated and stabilised on the scene.

The male driver was later found lying a distance from the scene. He was found to have sustained fatal injuries and was declared deceased by paramedics.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash.