The Bulrushes News Website Makes Its Debut

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This fresh online news site named “The Bulrushes” was launched on Saturday.

The easy-to-read independent news website publishes interesting stories from all over the globe.

If you know the biblical story of baby Moses in the bulrushes you will most likely appreciate the name.

At a time when print media is sinking, The Bulrushes promises a news sanctuary.

“Ours is to package interesting news and deliver a quick option for readers to stay properly informed all the time,” says founding editor Moses Mudzwiti.

“The Bulrushes is about news you can trust. All you have to do is click on … it makes sense to check it out”.

Cloud Consultant Adrian Mudzwiti said: “The Bulrushes is best read on a cellphone, but it can also be accessed on tablets and laptops.”

Mudzwiti said the launch deliberately coincided with the birthday of his daughter, Marcia.

“It takes a village to raise a child so we are hoping the global village of online readers and publishers will welcome us,” said Mudzwiti at the virtual launch.