Nigerian Rights Radio Station Taken Off Air After Owner Beat Woman

Nigeria authorities have suspended the licence of Berekete Family radio after a video showing the owner beating up a woman was aired on a BBC Eye documentary.

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) of Nigeria said it had decided to suspend the Human Rights Radio broadcasting licence – “Berekete Family” radio – over “repetitive unprofessional conduct”.

NBC said the “unprofessional conduct” involves the station owner, Ahmed Isah, who has since apologised for his actions. Isah also goes by the moniker “Ordinary President”.

After reviewing the events, NBC said it noted the apology but still felt Isah’s actions were in clear violation of the Broadcasting Code of Conduct.

On numerous occasions, stations were cautioned over repeated cases of abuse, and intimidation. Broadcasters were also reminded of the codes of ethics that they need to abide by.

NBC said it has previously conducted several training programmes for the offending radio station.

The commission said it had imposed a 30-day suspension order effective Monday, 31 May 2021.