How Zimbabwe Ruined Whatever Was Left Of Rhodesia

Ever since Ian Douglas Smith capitulated and handed over power to the natives in Rhodesia, later to be renamed Zimbabwe “the house of stones” things have been going backward towards ruin.

In just four decades Zimbabwe has reduced Rhodesia to a heap of stones – hungry and angry people are fed up.

The government led by Emmerson Mnangagwa has no clue how to fix the broken economy and curb rising poverty.

Cities and towns are turning into villages – no running water and erratic electricity supplies. No one collects the garbage anymore it just piles up and decomposes right there.

Surrounded by ruins, Mnangagwa and his government have decided to turn back the hands of time – they want to take Zimbabwe back to the dark ages, preferably the Stone Age.

Urban dwellers have no tap water, no electricity, no jobs, no currency, and no hope.

They reminisce about the old days of Rhodesia when passengers could set their watches using the arrival of the bus – yes the omnibus service was that efficient every time, all the time.

But there is a way out – so the bigger heads say. They want to exhume Robert Mugabe’s body to recover the black magic objects he used to rule Zimbabwe.

Bizarrely, the government believes such a move would change the county’s economic prospects.

Citizens are not completely surprised. Some years back when fuel was in very short supply, Zimbabwe ministers visited a spirit medium who claimed she could source diesel from a small mountain in her village.

After much clapping and calling on ancestors – all witnessed by bare-footed Cabinet ministers – the spirit medium would signal to an accomplice who would release the diesel from the drum.

However, discerning locals soon discovered a drum of diesel hidden in the mountain.

It all was so comical but the same bigger heads are still running Zimbabwe, where culture and religion find strong favour.

Meanwhile everything that can go wrong is going wrong – an electrical fault was thought to be the cause of the huge fire at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo. Those in the know say the electricity cables were last looked at four decades ago

The government has promised to rehabilitate doctors’ quarters at Mpilo Hospital, in Bulawayo which caught alight last May.